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Learn our story & what we ‘ve accomplished.
Our values, and why we love what we do,
in the world of internet and more.


The past – The present – The future
Let us introduce ourselves.

Our Story

Over the Years



The big start. With pure enthusiasm as our guide we begin to take jobs, learning and evolving. A good start with lots o difficulties. Our passion drives us throughout difficulties.



With some projects on our portfolio we are establishing our base in Athens. still learning still evolving thought getting ready for our next steps.


Being An agency

With hard work we ‘ve achieved our strong connection with the local Businesses. We take scalable projects throughout greece & more. Still learning, still evolving.


The present

We are working on our design process, unique & minimal designs, client centric for providing the best customer experience throughout our design process, You ask, we make it happen.


The Future

The future will find us ready, to collaborate with all of you, creating for your web needs & more.


Backpack View

  • Friendly (Our approach is down-to-earth and plain friendly. We respect our clients, we want you to succeed, and we’re here to help.)
  • Thoughtful  We take an inquisitive, methodical approach to every project & ensure we find the best solution possible. Keeping our clients’ best interests at heart is a way of life for us.


Backpack View

  • Forthcoming (We value transparent, communication and contracts. Expect us to be straightforward and upfront regarding all aspects of your project, from start to finish.)
  • Responsive   Some web companies are nearly unreachable. We prioritize availability to our clients and see good communication as a key to reliability and trustworthiness.


Backpack View

  • Robust  (We love quality. We are passionate about details. From concept to launch, our website and marketing projects are thoroughly tested and built to last.)
  • Intuitive  Technology can be frustratingly complex. We aim to keep things as painless as possible. Our goal is that your experience is simple and enjoyable.

From Us

Some things cant’t be said with words, cause it’s difficult to describe the feelings you get within some situations. Here at Backpack View despite the difficulty of running a business (sometimes only through passion and enthusiasm). We d like to say a big thanks to all of our friends and customers who have trusted us with their projects and dreams. Mistakes were made but in the end everything went great. We are proud of you and really thankful for everything.

From All of us
John Iliopoulos