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We live & Create in greece, so many of our projects are in greek. Our billingual sites are in our portfolio for you to see.


Porta Kasimatis

A house renovation business in which we provide hosting services, Web design, Social media creation, Ad consulting and some graphical work. Really proud for this project. an all in one from us.


Iv therapy

For iv therapy we provided web design services, Hosting & yearly support, Photo & graphic design services, Ads & marketing consulting with social media creation. 


Dr. Nikos Pallas

In this personal website we provide web design services, hosting services, photo and graphic design services, Social media creation and training for managing.


Etax Power

An accountant website which provides services by person and online. We designed a friendly environment with blogging capabilities. Social media & Advertising Capabilities in every platform. 


Nickos ladikos

E-commerce  website in which we provide web design, Graphical services, Social media creation, Product photography, Yearly hosting & support, Ads cosulting & training for managing .


Queen Mary

A traditional hammam & spa in which we provide web design services. Monthly support, marketing & Ads consulting, Social media creation & training. Photo and graphic design for our design process.



pronoisi center provides specialized psychological & therapeutic services in kids & adults. We provided web design services, Monthly support, Ads & marketing Consulting, photograph services and software support.


Paxos bikes

A bike & bicycle rental service in paxos island. We provided web design services, Graphic and logo design, hosting and yearly support, Ads consulting, social media creation & training sessions for managing them.


Les Hiboux

One of our first projects that still remain until today. The web design process was simplified and compact. thanx for the trust to this wonderful & cozy coffee shop.


Chrisa pansion

A small hotel in skiathos island. We provided webdesign services trying to utilize all the tools that were used by this business beforehand. A compact and robust project and a big upgrade for this small hotel.



In this cozy and industrial coffee bar we provided, Web design services, ads & marketing consulting, Graphics & logo creation with photography services for our web site needs.


Local undewear & Lingerie boutique in which we provided web design services, hosting services, Ads & marketing consulting & training for e-commerce managing. with monthly support.


Voulgaris Sweets

For this local bakery, we provided web design services, Graphics creation, photograph services, Hosting services with yearly support.



Accurate design was our goal for idoors security doors. Our Web design process included photoshop services and also photography.


Neon Editions

For this book publisher e-commerce website we provide monthly support, web design services, e-commerce services, Hosting services, Web, ads & Marketing consulting.



One of the most iconic and probably historic coffee bar in Athens, made us the honor of giving us their website design. We provided hosting services & Web design services. Thanx guys for the trust.

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