WEb Support is not advising or monthly redesign process

Written By giannisilio

On May 7, 2020

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A Confusing & Full of frustration topic

In many cases after the completion of a project, we have in our clients agreement  the provided support for their website (blog- eCommerce-email-etc) . Agencies that provide these kind of services often find themselves in trouble, and in our opinions this is not something easy to handle. Often your phone will ring because they want a different banner in their landing page, a change on texts and content , or a small and easy change in colors or the menus. We can understand that nowadays the internet is not static an d everyone wants their websites to be fresh and on point with the latest trends, but  these are not technical matters but design changes right? Setting up a new plugin is not maintenance, it is developing needs right?

WordPress, Email & Maintenance

especially on a cms like WordPress  in which compatibility issues may occur in every update.(plugin or theme). The right process of making backups and providing the best support is not always an automatic procedure, has to be cost effective for the client but also to the interest from the developers point of view. Otherwise it can be difficult, time consuming and unfortunately nerve racking. And lets not talk about setting up business emails that many times they don’t work as they should and clients gives us calls while we work on our next projects and we ‘ve got to provide support (if  its our duty in the agreement). These are some of the problems that we have all faced, and handled in the long run.

Clear & clean agreement

Let’s make it clear then that support is support. it involves fixes, backups, and every thing that is about the health of a website (email etc.) that we delivered and nothing more. Design changes, marketing advices, Ads support and seo, can be part of an advisory service that you and your client from the start have taken your time to analyse and if your customer is well informed from you he ‘ll know the differences. Also we understand that being close almost all the times emotions and friendliness comes, and it is difficult to handle these kind of situations, and surely not everything has to cost money!!! Sure you are right, Only you know when and where you ll put your limits and with respect both sides can find the best way for them.

Provide advices beforehand

If you find yourself in these kind of situations just inform your friends and clients from the start. with your proposals and advice’s , Besides it’s their choice to start with what they want and what they find essential, and when you ll sign your agreement you ll have a  contract that you ll both use in every aspect of your cooperation, you can make changes afterwards on your agreement. This will not change everything but its a good start for both clients and developers .



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