Written By giannisilio

On December 27, 2017

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For some people its difficult to find early, what they like.

There are a lot of thing that we maybe enjoy being involved with, but in the long run we get tired or bored with them. This is a major problem in our society, that people get occupied with things they don’t enjoy and eventually get really depressed on continuing working that same boring jobs over and over every day in the week.

And we understand its not easy to change routines, or change habits, or change ourselves at this hard times we are all living and we all struggle to survive. There are times though where we see opportunities, or small gaps of hope and then we decide if we are ready or not. Not all of us do it. Others are afraid and we understand them, others are not ready economically or psychologically. and that is ok. Do not believe that it’s easy or it takes courage. It is not for everyone and that is ok, if someone is ready then he ‘ll do it.

For us it was difficult to start. when we first set up our office with no clients no special skills, no money and no investment . But you know it was worth it. We started with baby steps having to work, find new work & clients, providing support, learning more and evolving our services investing in gear, managing bad clients  trying to satisfy good and respectful clients and many more hardships that really  we have never ever thought of them,

What happened?

In backpack view from the beginning we wanted to start something genuine something that will be driven through passion and love for creativity. We wanted to start with some core values like love for evolving, enthusiasm
social cooperation with our clients and between us, mutual understanding and patience. Things like money time, and more of those words you know that we meet in some day jobs never meant something to us. We wanted to create a core of  genuine values that represent us 100%, that our future clients will connect and rely on, feel trust. Not for our  services or products for which we obviously get payed.

And in small words that is what brought us to the present day…



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