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Written By giannisilio

On December 27, 2017

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This is it.

So many of us have an idea for a web site, A dream, or maybe a cause. Sometimes we ‘re sure that our idea will work but in the process we don’t take action. Knowledge, planning and faith are the starting tools that lead our way.

It’s like we are in the dark and don’t know where to start. What are the steps we need to  take and start from an  idea in the  creation of a business. Believe us it takes time and a lot of brainstorming but if you don’t take action nothing will be created from zero. Have always in your mind that an action creates a reaction. Many thoughts can be discouraging and many others have flaws. Nothing really in life is successful without failure and that creates fear, fear on the other hand makes us give up.

Our Place As an agency

As a design agency we try to make it clear from the start. If you ‘re not committed to your goals nothing will work. Despite our work hours and the tools we ll create for you and your needs. The times that the web was for everyone has ended, now it’s time for the serious ones. The ones that work hard and try their best for their online business. Being committed is the key. Use social media, write or create online material, educate yourselves on software that ‘ll cover your needs, make your daily budget and create a workflow that you can and will follow no matter what. Learn to use your devices. Everyone has a smartphone start using it, utilize your pc or mac to the highest level, learn to use a tablet when you have to be mobile. Be minimal and learn what you need when you ‘ve got free time. Think for example two hours of Netflix are equal to two hours of a webinar. So it’s just your choice. Find thing that are interesting to you and just start, nothing more nothing less, it’s your choice actually…

We got you covered

A website is the start of course and we can back you up, at your needs and support you afterwards, but if you don’t do your part as a business owner its better to stand aside, leave extra space to all those that want to pay the “price”. And they are many ones out there. We can create almost everything online these days, mobile apps website, e-commerce with services, but communicating them, showing them to the public takes time and a lot of effort. Backpack view is here for you and you business to support every task you ll think. We’ll be honored of course to be a part of your project but at first we ‘ve got to talk and introduce ourselves to each other, everything  has to have a proper start. So let’s meet and we ll see where it goes from there….



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